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Behavior data
Comparing behavior
New Dataset Wizard
Importing Logfiles
Downloading log files over FTP
What Do I Enter For Username & Password ?
Import Only The New Logfiles
What If There Are No Logfiles?
Troubleshooting & Help
The Reports ClickTracks Calculates
Navigation Report
Browser View
Using The Browser
How The Link Reports Are Calculated
JavaScript, Pop-up menus and DHTML
Hiding Link Reports
Robot Simulation Mode
Page Analysis View
Date Periods
How Page Analysis Reports Are Calculated
Path View
How Path View Reports Are Calculated
How The Navigation Numbers Are Calculated
Search Report
Search Engine Parameters
Shifting Modes
Search Report Configuration
How Search Engine Reports Are Calculated
Content Targeted Ads Report
Tracking Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
Keyword Ranking Report
Site Overview
How Site Overview Reports Are Calculated
Campaign, sales and ROI Report
Configuring Campaigns
Importing Google And Overture Campaigns
Overture Tracking URLs
Email Campaigns
Currencies Other Than US Dollars
How Campaigns and ROI are calculated
Referrer Details
Showing Referring Parameter Values
Robot Report
How The Robot Report is Calculated
Whats Changed Report
How Whats New is Calculated
Exporting Reports
Export to PDF
Export to Excel
Real World Analysis Examples
Analysis of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns
Goal Page Analysis
It's Not Web Analytics. It's People Analytics
Visitor Labeling: The Way Of ClickTracks
Using The Label Wizard
Reached Goal Page
Compare Search Engines
Compare Search Referrals
Traditional Search vs PPC
Returning Visitors
Ad Tracking
Search vs Content Targeted
Before And After
Short Visit Length
Advanced Visitor Labeling
Creating A New Label
Referrer Label
Referred from any Search Engine
Entry Page Label
Visited Page Label
Ad Campaign Label
Visit Date Label
Session Length Label
Search Engine Query Label
Visited on Certain Days of the Week
Visited on Certain Times of the Day
Exit Page Label
IP Address Label
Cookie Label
URL Parameter Label
From a Certain Country
Advanced Labeling Options
Label Name & Color
Examples of Labeling
Editing labels
Options & Configuration
Display Options
Navigation Report Options
Search Report Limits
Site Overview Limits
Analysis Options
Combine Search Engine Statistics
Content Targeted Ads Domain
Ignore Filenames That Contain
Ignore Requests From IPs
Referrer Parameter Details
Site Overview And Page Analysis
Search Report
Keyword Ranking
Building Keyword Ranking
Search Engines
Advanced Options
Session Timeout Parameters
Display New Windows / Popups
Show "Create Label" Links
URL to Distinguish Links
Sites Built With Frames
Dynamic Page Parameters
How Parameter Masking Works
ClickTracks Analyzer Compared to Professional
Cookie Handling
Sites That Span Multiple Domains
Daily use of ClickTracks
Adding log files
Selecting date range
Advanced Topics
How ClickTracks Determines a Visitor Session
How ClickTracks Uses Cookies
Using Persistent Cookies To Improve Campaign Tracking
Strip Out File Types
Robots & Spiders
Search Engine Parameters & Keywords
Distinguishing Duplicated Links
Tracking External Links
Why The Numbers Don't Match Other Stats Programs
Page Not Found
No Links Inside Page
Logfile Import Warning
Performance Tuning
Comparing PPC Numbers To Your Search Engine
Do PPC tracking parameters affect Search Engine Spiders?
Zen And The Art Of Tracking Parameters

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