The ClickTracks Way


Understanding web user behavior is vital to online businesses. ClickTracks shows how visitors navigate through your website, where they spend time and what they do. You may be familiar with website statistics products, and perhaps already use one. ClickTracks is fundamentally different than statistics products:


1.Information is displayed in context with the site being analyzed. At a glance you will see how visitors navigate and use your site.
2.Visitors are quickly and easily segmented into different groups to compare behavior. Compare which advertising campaign produces the desired actions from visitors.
3.ClickTracks is interactive and responsive. Explore data about your visitors quickly and easily. Get results in seconds.



Each page of your site presents multiple pathways your visitors can take. Which links are effective and result in the desired visitor actions?


ClickTracks shows website use patterns overlaid on your actual website:



manual no link reports screenshot



When seen through ClickTracks, this becomes:


manual link reports screenshot



For any link within your site you can measure what they click.


Using ClickTracks you see your own website and simultaneously how your visitors behave: where they click, how long they spend on a page, where they came from. By presenting both the data and the website simultaneously, ClickTracks can show simply and intuitively how your website is used.




Different visitors to your site have different expectations. The person reaching your site through a search engine will exhibit different behavior than the person clicking on an advertisement.


ClickTracks instantly shows different groups of visitors and compares their behavior.


manual tagging example



Your website and visitor profile changes every day. ClickTracks makes it simple to change how you divide your visitors into groups and compare their behavior.


If you've used web statistics software already, you'll be used to seeing static reports and hard to understand charts. ClickTracks is different. It's interactive and responsive. You're not limited to a set of static reports but instead ClickTracks gives you the tools to explore the data and see your site from a different perspective: that of your visitors.